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cyber /ˈ sʌɪbə/


relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.

cultr. (culture) /ˈkʌltʃə/


the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Intuition Guided By Insights

We build brands and help them grow by leveraging world-class marketing, design & content.

Results are at the heart of everything we do – whether it’s about building an everlasting brand, generating leads, or delivering engaging experiences on digital channels.

Our team has been hand-picked to ensure they share the same values and principles that help YOU succeed in the modern world.

Our “people & results-first” philosophy ensures stable and efficient management of your relationship with our team.





Our Philosophy

“Ideas are not limited by budget. The creative process takes place in your head” - (Hans Zimmer)

Complex topics should be simplified to the core, in order to make growth accessible to everyone.

Every brand has a story. It takes voluntary effort & a skillful eye to bring it to life.

True wisdom starts from curiosity. Always be learning, observing and absorbing information in all forms.

There is no perfect campaign or design. It can only get better (or worse).

Create content, ads, and experiences that make people’s lives easier, and the world a better place.

Clients hire an agency for its insights & expertise. It’s our job as an agency to leverage strategy, data, design & people to deliver the best outcome.

The mental shackles that restrict creativity & free thought should be abolished by the voluntary, relentless pursuit of something better & different.

Results are everything. Period.

Our philosophy is embedded in our soul.

We are everything with it & nothing without it.

Meet The Trifecta

Each element of the TRIFECTA is incomplete without the other, and if you falter in any one of them, it will affect the others.

PLATFORM includes the right choice of channels whether it’s OOH, social media, Google, or affiliates.

AUDIENCE is your target market for that particular campaign. If it’s not defined well, it directly impacts the other 2 elements.

CONTENT includes the design & communicational aspects of the campaign. If your content is not eye-catching or relevant to your target audience, it leads to poor performance on the chosen platforms.

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Our Team

Aslam Qureshi

Chairman & Managing Partner

Media veteran with 20+ years of experience in managing projects, people and distribution

Abdul Aziz

Founder & CEO

Award-winning digital marketing agency owner with multi-disciplinary expertise in advertising, media & branding

Luke Taylor

Strategy Director & Global Partner

Management consultant & data scientist with a passion for building brands using research & strategy