Social Media Case Study

Transforming moments into magic

Here’s how we transformed Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat’s social media presence by establishing brand consistency, implementing a strategic direction, and creating localized Arabic content.

Client :

Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat

Industry :


Project Type :

Monthly Retainer

Scope of work :

Social Media Content Creation, Graphic & Video Design, Content Localization

The Challenge

When Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat, approached us, they were grappling with significant social media challenges. One of the foremost issues was the lack of branding uniformity in their social media post designs, resulting in a disjointed online presence that made it difficult for followers to connect with the brand visually.

Furthermore, the absence of a clear strategic direction for their social media posts was hindering their ability to engage with their audience effectively.

Finally, despite being situated in Oman and catering to a diverse clientele, the hotel had minimal Arabic content, missing a valuable opportunity to connect with Arabic-speaking patrons in the region. These challenges called for a comprehensive solution that combined strategic thinking, creative design, and cultural sensitivity. 

Here’s what we did for them:

Our Process

Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive approach that combined strategic thinking, creative design, and cultural sensitivity.

Having ample expertise working with clients in the Middle East, we were more than ready to take on this exciting project.

Our process consisted of four key steps:


Comprehensive Social Media Analysis

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of the hotel’s current social media presence. This included an assessment of their existing content, engagement rates, and audience demographics. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, we could identify opportunities for improvement.


Strategic Branding Development

With a clear understanding of the hotel’s unique identity and objectives, we developed a tailored brand strategy for their social media. This strategy aimed to create consistency in their messaging and visual identity. We outlined guidelines for tone, style, and content themes to ensure that every post aligned with their brand.


Creative Content Creation

Our creative team went to work, crafting visually captivating multi-format assets. These included static posts, video reels, and stories. Each piece of content was meticulously designed to reflect the brand’s identity and resonate with its target audience. The content was not only visually appealing but also conveyed the hotel’s unique offerings and experiences.


Professional Arabization

Recognizing the importance of appealing to Arab-speaking customers, we took extra care in translating and adapting content for an Arabic-speaking audience. This included not only translating text but also ensuring that cultural nuances and sensitivities were respected. The result was content that felt natural and relatable to Arabic-speaking patrons.


Our comprehensive approach yielded remarkable outcomes for Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat.

With a newfound consistency in branding across all social media platforms, the hotel’s online presence has become instantly recognizable, making a lasting impression on its followers.

The implementation of a clear and purposeful brand strategy resulted in improved engagement rates, fostering a deeper and more meaningful connection with the audience.

The incorporation of professionally Arabized content allowed the hotel to engage effectively with Arabic-speaking patrons, broadening its reach and enhancing its appeal.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback from both existing and new customers translated into increased bookings and revenue, underscoring the tangible and significant impact of our social media strategy.

In short, our partnership with Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat, stands as a testament to how a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to social media management can transform a brand’s online presence and drive tangible business results.

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