Rebranding Case Study

Rebranding UAE's most-trusted educational consultancy

Find out how we gave a brand new look to one of UAE’s oldest educational consultancies that focuses on helping students find their dream course abroad.

Client :

Qadri International Education Consultants

Industry :

Study Abroad Consulting

Timeframe :

1 Month

Scope of work :

Logo Design, Brand Identity Guidelines, Marketing Collaterals

The Challenge

When Qadri International, a well-established study abroad consultancy in the UAE, approached Cyber Cultr Media, they faced a significant challenge. While they had a strong reputation and a loyal client base, they were struggling with brand identity and online presence. Their branding and digital marketing efforts were outdated and inconsistent, making it difficult to attract new clients and stay competitive in the industry. Understanding their requirements in detail, we helped them with the following:

Our Process

At Cyber Cultr Media, our approach to the creative process in every rebranding project is characterized by a blend of strategic acumen and artistic finesse. We meticulously analyze the existing brand, market dynamics, and client goals to inform our creative direction. Our team then crafts a fresh and compelling brand identity, incorporating elements such as logos, color schemes, typography, and brand guidelines – basically designing every touchpoint for the client for brand consistency.


Brand Audit and Analysis

Our journey with Qadri International began with a comprehensive brand audit. We dove deep into their existing brand identity, market positioning, and digital presence to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis revealed critical insights into what needed to be addressed in the rebranding process.


Messaging Planning & Framework

With a clear understanding of the challenges, we formulated a strategic plan tailored to Qadri International’s unique goals and target audience. This plan included redefining their brand messaging, identifying key differentiators, and setting clear objectives for the rebranding project.


Creative Redesign

We collaborated closely with Qadri International to develop a fresh and compelling brand identity. This included a new logo, color scheme, typography, and brand guidelines that reflected their core values and mission. The creative redesign aimed to convey trust, professionalism, and give a modern touch to an evergreen brand.


Content Strategy & Web Design Consulting

A crucial aspect of their rebranding was revamping their online presence. We provided critical feedback to help them design a user-friendly, responsive website that not only looked appealing but also provided an intuitive user experience. Additionally, we crafted engaging social media posts and informative blog articles to establish Qadri International as a thought leader in the study abroad industry.


The rebranding efforts for Qadri International delivered impressive outcomes. Following the completion of the project, Qadri International experienced a significant boost in brand recognition. The positive feedback from both existing and new clients underscored the success of the rebranding, fostering trust and credibility in the consultancy.

Most notably, the project’s success translated into substantial business growth, expanding Qadri International’s clientele and firmly establishing their position as a leading study abroad consultancy in the UAE.

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