Social Media Case Study

Driving dual citizenship via content & social

Learn how we orchestrated iKonnect’s rise to prominence through refined positioning and captivating social media content that helped them become one of UAE’s leading investment immigration brands

Client :

iKonnect Citizens

Industry :

Citizenship & Residency by Investment

Project Type :

Monthly Retainer

Scope of work :

Social Media Content Creation & Management, Graphic & Video Design

The Challenge

iKonnect Citizens faced several significant challenges when they initially approached Cyber Cultr Media for their digital marketing needs. 

First, they lacked a cohesive content strategy, leading to fragmented and inconsistent online brand communication. 

Secondly, the citizenship-by-investment industry in Dubai was fiercely competitive, requiring a strategy to help iKonnect Citizens stand out in a crowded market. 

Additionally, the absence of effective design practices on their website and social media channels undermined their brand image.

Our Process

At Cyber Cultr Media, we embarked on a strategic journey to transform iKonnect Citizens’ digital presence and overcome the challenges they faced.

Our approach involved four key steps:


Brand Redesign

To help iKonnect Citizens stand out in their target segment, we undertook a complete brand redesign. We worked closely with the client to understand their positioning and clientele, crafting a fresh and distinctive brand identity that would resonate with their audience.


Cohesive Social Media Content Strategy

We developed a comprehensive social media content strategy that left no aspect unaddressed. Our team meticulously planned content pillars, ensuring a well-rounded approach to content creation, and aligned it with the brand’s new identity. The strategy was built to resonate with the audience, conveying iKonnect Citizens’ unique value proposition.


Fresh, New Visual Identity for Social Media Content

Visual appeal is crucial in the digital realm. We created a completely new look for iKonnect Citizens’ social media posts that harmonized with the revamped brand identity. This included design elements that reflected the brand’s values and communicated them effectively to the audience.


Multi-Format Content Creation

Our focus was on producing highly-educational and inspirational content in various formats, including images, carousels, and video reels. This multi-format approach allowed us to engage the audience through different media, maximizing the impact of our content.


The strategic partnership between iKonnect Citizens and Cyber Cultr Media yielded remarkable results. 

First and foremost, the comprehensive brand redesign, cohesive content strategy, and refined visual identity significantly improved the brand’s perception and positioning. iKonnect Citizens emerged as a distinctive and trustworthy consultancy within the competitive citizenship-by-investment industry in Dubai. 

Furthermore, the meticulously planned and executed content strategy led to a notable increase in social media growth, with substantial growth in the number of followers, engagement, and overall reach. 

Most importantly, this transformation in online presence contributed to enhanced brand recall, making it easier for the audience to identify and remember the brand, fostering increased brand loyalty and trust. 

In summary, this collaboration exemplifies the power of strategic thinking and creative execution in the realm of social media marketing, resulting in a profound impact on iKonnect Citizens’ brand image and online performance.

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